Flight Instructor Insurance

Did you know that in the United States alone, there are 87,000 flight instructors? Among the huge number, however, only 11,000 are active and working. Most of them are relatively young and under 30 years old. There is, however, a group between the 30 to 60 years old who still enjoy flying but with a twist in their career. Instead of piloting huge aircraft, they now teach people how to fly. This is either their hobby because they are already retired or something they do for extra income.

Flight Instructor Insurance

In any case, these pilots between the ages of 30 to 60 do not make a huge amount of money. Hence, they were never really a target for lawsuits for the simple reason that they do not have enough money to pay anyway. That, however, is slowly changing. I am sure that you know just how quick to sue our society is today. They complain about the smallest things and sadly, our middle aged pilots are no longer spared. People sue them anyway despite their relatively low income. And because flight school enrollment fees are far from affordable, students tend to lower the coverage of their insurance. Consequently, the instructor is at more risk if ever an accident occurs.

In the past, flight schools cover the insurance of their flight instructors but now not anymore. Most flight instructors work as a “freelancer” and contractors instead of actual employees. Hence, it is important for these people to invest on flight instructor insurance for themselves.

Before you start thinking what a huge amount you have to dole out on a regular basis, think about this. Ever year, there are a lot of accidents and unfortunate incidents that happen during flight instruction training. Depending on the severity of the accident, it could result to aircraft damage, which in itself is really expensive; and occasionally injury of the student or sometimes even death.

Even experienced pilots run into accidents. What more those who are new in the field? The truth is that these things happen and you have to be prepared if it does because more often than not, it is the flight instructor who is held liable for whatever happens during flight instruction training. Hence, it is wise for you to invest on a flight instructor insurance. It is a good precautionary measure and a preemptive way of taking care of you and protecting yourself should these things occur. In cases where in a lawsuit is filed against you to recover monetary damages, at least you do not have to face it alone. You have an insurance policy that’s got your back.

You have probably heard the saying it is better safe than sorry. As a pilot, it is wise for you to avoid leaving lose ends and leaving things to chance. This could end up in a lawsuit that you just can’t handle. Accidents can happen anytime so make the right choice and get a flight instructor insurance today.

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