Driving Instructor Insurance

Are you a new driving instructor and would like to make sure that you have all grounds covered early on in your career?  Apart from a driving instructor license which is different from a regular driving license, it is also highly advisable to have a driving instructor insurance.

What You Need To Know About Driving Instructor Insurance

When we buy a car, we make it a point to insure it just in case something unexpected happens and we run into an accident.  Do take note that car buyers are usually long time drivers who know how to maneuver their way on the road.  Can you imagine the risk involved in your profession as a driving instructor?  You are dealing with newbie’s – those who are still learning how to drive and have probably not driven anything in their life yet except maybe those race car arcade games.  As a driving instructor, you will, in a way, be at the mercy of your students since they are the ones on the wheel.  Hence, you need to know how to take care of yourself and to be prepared for anything.  Like they always say, it is better safe than sorry.  The best way to take care of yourself in the profession considering the risks involved is to invest on getting an insurance.

One look at a driving instructor insurance plan and you would immediately know that it is not very different from personal car insurance.  It covers the basics such as theft, accidents and liability.  The differentiating factor is that such insurance plans cover the students as well.  As any other insurance, the cost will be higher for you simply because the risk is higher.  There are insurance companies that offer a monthly plan which is most beneficial for new driving instructors while there are those that offer longer terms such as a yearly plan.  This proves to less expensive than the monthly plan and is best for those who have been long in the business for a long time.

Whether you are new or a veteran in the driving instruction industry, it is best to get such kind of insurance since it will cover costs incurred in accidents including hospital bills and even legal fees.  Your student will also be at ease knowing that he or she is included in the plan.  They need not be named in the policy but for as long as an untoward event happens while you are doing your job as a driving instructor then the insurance agency will come to the rescue.

Even though you have driving instructor insurance, do not bring anything expensive and load it in the car while you are at work.  These items are not covered under the insurance plan and will not be paid or reimbursed.  The liability is solely yours – a risk that you simply would not want to take.

Get yourself an insurance plan if you are a driving instructor today to protect yourself from the hazards of your job.

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