‘Understanding Instructor Insurance’ Related

Scuba Instructor Insurance

They say that it is a completely different world underwater. The ecosystem is so diverse and self sustaining that it survives almost independently from the world as we know it up here. Hence, more and more people are gaining curiosity and fascination so they would like to see it for themselves. The oceans and the […]

Horse Riding Instructor Insurance

One thing is certain, equestrians are a rare breed. Come on, how many professional horse riders have you met in this lifetime? Not much I bet. There is one main and simple reason behind this. Only a privileged few can afford a horse. Come on, one horse can cost as much as a car, maybe […]

Martial Arts Instructor Insurance

Do you enjoy watching martial arts movies and the thrill it gives you whenever the lead character throws a punch here and a kick there? Perhaps you are a fan of the famous Ultimate Fighter Challenge commonly known as UFC and you faithfully watch all the mixed martial arts fights. Chances are you have your […]

Hunting Safety Instructor Insurance

Do you love the great outdoors so much that you have committed yourself to making it your full time work? Aside from simply hunting alone or with a group, why not earn money for doing what you love? If hunting is something that you would do even without any pay, can you imagine how much […]

Flight Instructor Insurance

Did you know that in the United States alone, there are 87,000 flight instructors? Among the huge number, however, only 11,000 are active and working. Most of them are relatively young and under 30 years old. There is, however, a group between the 30 to 60 years old who still enjoy flying but with a […]

Swim Instructor Insurance

How many times have you heard of people accidentally drowning in either a swimming pool or the open sea?  If there is a lifeguard present in the place of the accident, well you can consider the victim lucky.  Otherwise, he or she is in for some serious trouble. You see, helping drowning people is not […]

Firearm Instructor Insurance

Can you believe that statistics show that more and more people are buying guns for themselves in the United States?  Gun ownership has never been so high.  It could be because of the increasing crime rates and homeowners simply want to protect their loved ones and their homes.  However, a gun in the hands of […]

Driving Instructor Insurance

Are you a new driving instructor and would like to make sure that you have all grounds covered early on in your career?  Apart from a driving instructor license which is different from a regular driving license, it is also highly advisable to have a driving instructor insurance. When we buy a car, we make […]

Pilates Instructor Insurance

Pilates will always be one form of exercise that will need the help of instructors. Instructors need to complete a certified training program in order to be competent and trusted by their students because of the various forms of muscle stretching, strengthening, breathing, and exercise which supports the alignment of one’s spine. With these delicate […]

Aerobics Instructor Insurance

Aerobics instructors are often overlooked in the insurance business. However, aerobics instructors also need insurance and go out and have one. Aerobics is a very nice exercise and it is very much in demand today. However, aerobics classes are most likely done in groups and it is very unlikely to go out and have an […]